Tallinn City in the cooperation with Mixpack OÜ company are doing project against disposable plastic.

Tallinn City and the company Mixpack OÜ are cooperating to analyze the situation and offer a solution of single-use plastic problem.

The problem is that plastic disposables are no longer “allowed” (not an environmentally friendly way to use resources), but alternative solutions have not been sufficiently studied, such as the ability to use compostable or reusable packaging, including waste collection in Estonia.

A pilot project will be carried out in the framework of the cooperation. The aim of the project is to create a complete solution for Tallinn city at public events, where biodegradable compostable disposables are used, for the collection, commercial composting and use of produced compost in the city. The second goal of the project is to test the environmentally friendly processing technology of biodegradable compostable waste, it’s introduction and development in Tallinn.