Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2019

From 2019, Viljandi Folk Music Festival made new efforts in sustainable festival organization.

Disposable plastic containers will be replaced by compostable ones, the reuse of the container will be encouraged and the focus will be on maximum sorting and waste recycling.

The Viljandi Folk Music Festival in 2019 decided to completely abandon disposable plastic tableware and replace it by Vegware compostables.

The decision to use compostable packaging at festival didn’t come easily for the Viljandi Folk Music Festival team. Before banning disposable tableware at the Festival, several experts and environmental activists were consulted to find the best solution for the Festival.

It was very important that the used compostable utensils would not go to mixed waste, but would reach industrial composting.

This is how they reached the Team of Väätsa Landfill, who agreed to become a partner and conduct such  first experiment in Estonia. While this is a common practice in other parts of the world, the Viljandi Folk Music Festival is the first major event in Estonia that directed used compostables with food waste to industrial composting.

After 19 days in special conditions, there were no more cups, plates, forks, knives and spoons.

All the waste was beautifully composted!