Difference between compostable and biodegradable tableware.

A common misconception is that disposable tableware can be burned in a fire after use. Unfortunately, it is not true, as a large part of paper of disposable tableware contains plastic and its burning is dangerous for the environment and human health.

Biodegradable tableware has gained popularity in recent years.

Biodegradable dishes and compostable dishes. What is the difference?

Biodegradable and compostable are terms that describe the decomposition of organic materials under specific conditions. As there is a lot of information around compostable and biodegradable tableware, we will try to explain it more easily.

What does Biodegradable Mean?

Biodegradable means that something degrades naturally, but this process can take years.
It means that the material is capable of undergoing anaerobic or aerobic degradation, resulting in the formation of CO2, H2O, methane.
The biodegradable dishes is intended to give the impression that it is completely green and plastic-free. But this is not always true.
In the case of biodegradable, we are not always aware of the cost of time – for example, wood is biodegradable, but a log house can be seen for several generations.
When biodegradable tableware ends up in the household waste, they generate methane, which is 20 times more harful greenhouse gas than CO2!

What does Compostable Mean?

Compostable = biodegradable, in less than 12 weeks!
The composting process involves the digestion of organic waste by microbes to create compost.
Compostable means that something can be broken down in less than 12 weeks and fits
therefore for industrial composting with food waste.
Industrial composting creates the perfect balance of microbes, moisture and heat.
In the simplest sense, compostable dishes are those that do not leave any harmful residues when decomposed. Disposable dishes must be composted within 90 days. Dishes that decompose for more than 90 days are unlikely to be called compostable, only biodegradable
Instead of burning garbage, make nutrient-rich compost from compostable tableware and food waste, these will help plants thrive to grow.

Plastic + cardboard + food = incineration or landfill
Plant-based compostable dishes + food = compost to enrich our soil.

Vegware compostable dishes can break down in less than 12 weeks when industrial composted. The entire Vegware product range is designed for composting with food waste. This means that there is no need for sorting the compostable cup, lid, burger box, knife or napkin,it can be discarded without removing the ketchup and remaining food. Additional bonus is the use of the same bin for food and disposable utensils, so other dry bins are cleaner and easier to reuse.