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Compostable wooden knife and fork kit, 50 pcs per pack

4.13  / pack
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Compostable wooden fork, wrapped, 100 pcs per pack

11.74  / pack
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Compostable wooden cutlery kit, 50 pcs per pack

5.18  / pack
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Compostable CPLA teaspoon, 114mm, 50 pcs per pack

2.45  / pack
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Disposable compostable cutlery kit (knife, spoon, fork, napkin), 250 pcs per pack

96.58  / pack
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Wood spoon, 152 mm, 100 pcs per pack

7.50  / pack
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Mini wood spoon, 107 mm, 100 pcs per pack

4.07  / pack
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Wood knife, 165 mm, 100 pcs per pack

5.33  / pack
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Wood fork, 152 mm, 100 pcs per pack

5.33  / pack
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Recycled compostable RCPLA spork, 127 mm, 50 pcs per pack

3.68  / pack
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Compostable CPLA cutlery.

Choose our newer recycled RCPLA cutlery, in black or white. Or our original compostable CPLA cutlery. Our recycled RCPLA cutlery took two years of R&D. This is the world’s first cutlery range made entirely from recycled PLA! It’s sleek and stylish, and the black version is coloured with food-safe carbon black pigment. We still love our original 6.5in CPLA compostable high-heat cutlery. It’s made from plant-based PLA, and is perfect for hot foods and soups. It is sleek, white, has a lovely smooth feel, and is robust enough to attack crunchy lunches. This is Europe’s first high-heat cutlery with compostability certification from the Biodegradable Products Insitute (BPI), proving it is perfect for industrial composting. But we think that it’s simply great cutlery.